Pump Repairing

Pump repairing is often required to continuously cycle from full to minimum load, resulting in extremely demanding service requirements. Despite this challenging application, and their critical role in the station steam cycle, these are often allocated less maintenance funding than other critical components within the plant. This perception, in combination with limited budgets and short cycle outage demands, can result in substandard repairs. This decision can adversely impact reliable long term operation, availability and compromise plant capacity.

SBS Workshop and Engineering Services team has extensive experience with service standards. When your pump is inspected, upgraded, or repaired by our qualified engineering team, it eliminates operator risks for unplanned outages and extends the time between future scheduled events.

Types of Pumps:
Feed Water Pump, Circulating Water Pump, Acid Pump, Lube Oil Pump, Fuel Pump, Jacket Water Pump, Vacuum Pump, Centrifugal Pumps, Jockey Pump
Pump Components:
Impeller, Shaft, Bushing, Seal, Diffuser, Electric Motor, Connecting Components, Nuts, Bolts, Washer,