Valve Repairing

Over time, valves become bent, broken and worn. Loose fits lead to leaking steam, and tight clearances cause valves to stick – all problems that lead to costly forced outage. Regular valve inspections will save you time and money.

Our expert engineering team knows what works, what doesn’t, and how old valves can be repaired or improved. It may be a material upgrade, a special coating, or an engineering crossover.

Whether the repair requires minor repairs, blending, complete steam path refurbishment, seal face or complete interior case restoration, mechanical inserts, or re-boring, SBS Workshop and Engineering Services offers proven engineering solutions and these repair processes can be done on-site as well as in our repair facilities.

Types of Valves:
Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Non-Return Valve, Safety Valve, Butterfly Valve, Three Way Valve
Valve Component:
Seat, Flange, Body, Seals, Actuators, Connecting Components, Nuts, Bolts, Washer