Generator Repairing

SBS Workshop and Engineering Services strive to exceed customer expectations, regardless of the location and type of power system. We offer comprehensive generator solutions and overhauls, as well as routine and major repair of a wide range of generators.

When overhauling generators, our experienced engineers and technicians use the latest technology to provide innovative solutions and the highest quality of service.

SBS Workshop and Engineering Services is a provider of generator stator and rotor assessments, reconditioning, repairs, and rewinds. Behind the strengths of our experienced engineering and machine shop capabilities, there is virtually no component that we cannot repair. All work is performed with the highest quality materials and processes.

Generator Brand: Caterpillar, Waukesha, Jenbacher, Cummins, Perkins, Wartsila, MWM, MItsubishi

Generator Components: Cylinders, Pistons, Seals, Bushing, Camshaft, Jacket Water Pump, Lube Oil Pump, Generator Rotor, Exciter.