About Us

SBS Workshop and Engineering Services looks aims to repair various mechanical equipments and parts such as pumps, motors, and valves of different types and sizes. It also includes repair of generator equipment, compressor and gearbox. Steel structure fabrication (Fuel Storage Tanks, Gas Tanks) is also included as another purpose of the project. Pipe and sheet bending works will also take place in the workshop.

According to the stats, at present there are around 5000 large scale industrial facilities that are using several mechanical components like valve, pump, generator, motor and compressor. And the number is increasing day by day. Nowadays, in these big industries, the failure of the machines due to the breakdown of several critical components has become a common phenomenon. Moreover, with long operational hours, the metals gradually decay, resulting in lessened efficiency and eventual breakdown of the machines. For which, the production is greatly hampered and the supply is delayed. As the production/manufacturing demands are always high, sometimes occurrences like these cause losses in millions of dollars in revenue earning.